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If you have not heard of ASEA... YOU WILL!

In my, over 30 yrs of studying clinical nutrition, I have never seen a product as unique, and as important as ASEA. As I explain to all my patients, the key to recovering and maintaining vibrant health is restoring and maintaining optimal CELL FUNCTION!

We use PEMF and chiropractic care to energize and exercise the cell, which helps to remove inflammation and reduce pain. It also brings low-energy, low functioning, cells up in status to a normal, healthy, condition.

NOW, we have learned of the importance of providing REDOX SIGNALING MOLECULES to the body to help increase intracellular communication. This helps restore the cellular vitality that is lost due to illness, toxicity or aging. I know this concept is foreign to most who are not Biochemists, Watching the videos below are vital to understanding the importance of ASEA!

ASEA is now concentrated into a topical gel, called RENU 28,  You can heal from the inside out with ASEA and from the outside in with RENU 28. The results I have experienced with myself and others with RENU 28 are remarkable! The RENU 28 Flip Chart below reveals some of the excellent results that are being experienced with RENU 28.

How the Body Heals Itself


RENU 28 Flip Chart


To learn more about ASEA  go to http://drkim.3minutepeek.com and http://www.gettingstarted.today


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